Trasa is a large coastal town, and gets a lot of its income from fishing. The Koramil River divides the poor side of town from the wealthy, with the middle class houses and businesses bordering the river itself.

Government: * Mayor Dalewood is a good man, but the town only has so much money. While they do pay the guards to stop the most obvious crime, much of the law enforcement is actually done by the Bounty Hunter Guild.

Important Places In Trasa:

West Trasa (Poor side of town): Blue Acorn (Inn, Tavern, Gambling) Pleasure Palace (Gambling, Tavern, Arena, Companionship) Shifty’s Supply Shop (Merchant, Pawn Shop, front for Thieves Guild) Stew & Spew (Restaurant/Tavern) Dreg’s Shanty (Dockside tavern/seafood restaurant) Poor houses

Central Trasa: * Shopping Arcania (Located inside Arcane Guild) Birk’s “Everything” Shop (Supplies, Misc) Bjorn’s Bakery Carts Before Horses Ellyniel’s Apothecary (Located inside Arcane Guild) Fine Blades (Swords and Daggers; located inside Swordsman’s Guild) Hunter’s Cache (Ranged Weapons and Ammo, Located inside Hunting Club) Just Rope Krog Nito’s Costume Shop Philip’s Exotic Animals Quality Armors (Armors and Shields) Virtuoso Music Ziza’s Zenzations (Stylish Clothing) Guilds Adventurer’s Guild Arcane Guild Hunting Club Swordsman’s Guild The Sisterhood Bounty Hunter Guild Other Haunted Bed & Breakfast Library/Museum Multi-Denominational Church Town Hall (Courts, Jail, etc) Houses, Apartments Andrik’s Teleportation Station

East Trasa (Wealthy): Dockside Delights (Restaurant) Guardsman’s Guild (Must be member of Town Guard) Guilded Eagle (Restaurant) Expensive houses


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